Question Are tents manufactured in Poland
AnswerYes, we are a Polish tent manufacturer. The entire production process of both frames and canopies takes place at our warehouse in Turek.
Question What kind of fabrics are used to make tent canopies?
AnswerWe use 100% polyester fabric, ordered from a Polish supplier, to make both printed and clean canopies
Question What kind of aluminium is used for the production of frames?
AnswerFor the poles, we use 35×35 mm anodized aluminium profiles, while the truss bars are made of 25.8×12.8 mm anodized aluminium profiles
Question What is the guarantee period for tents?
AnswerBoth frames and canopies are covered for a period of 24 and 12 months, respectively
Question Is it possible to order personalised canopy dimensions for the delivered tent structures?
AnswerYes, as a manufacturer, we also make the canopies based on frame sizes or old canopies, which you will have to provide for us to use proper dimensions.


Question Is it possible to repair a broken canopy?
AnswerYes, but in order to determine if a canopy is repairable, our employees will have to inspect it. After a preliminary analysis, a decision is made as to whether the damage can be rectified.
Question Is it possible to repair a frame?
AnswerYes, as the frames are manufactured by our team, it is possible to repair or replace any element. You can deliver a broken frame to us to have it repaired by our employees, or order the parts you need and do the repairs by yourself. The advantage of our frames is the fact that they are screwed together so the trusses and poles can be replaced by the customer.


Question Are the canopies waterproof?
AnswerOur fabrics have waterproof properties. On request, we can provide additional impregnation.
Question Do the weights have to be made of concrete?
AnswerOur current offer is based on PVC bases filled with water and sand. This makes transport easier, the weight should be filled with water or sand on site. The weight of such weight after filling is about 15 kg.


Question How can I pay for my order?
AnswerAfter you add a product to the shopping cart, you will be redirected to the order form. In the form, you can choose your preferred method of payment.
Question Can I pick up the order myself?
AnswerYes, you can pick up your order in person at the company headquarters. To use this option, choose pick-up in the shopping cart as a form of delivery. The date of order pick-up is determined individually with the customer.
Question What is the cost of delivery for larger quantities of a chosen model?
AnswerIn case of larger orders, the cost of delivery is determined individually.
Question Will the invoice be delivered with the order?
AnswerThe invoice will delivered both electronically (to the email address provided) and with the ordered product as proof of release and sale.
Question How can I change my order?
AnswerIf an order has already been placed and a change is required, please contact our consultant directly.
Question Can I return a purchased product?
AnswerAccording to the provisions of the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, a Customer who is a natural person, not purchasing goods for business purposes, has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 days from the date of delivery. The return should be made immediately, but not later than within 14 days. The goods should return in the condition in which they were purchased, in their original packaging, along with all instructions and accessories.
Question How can I file a complaint for a product I purchased?
AnswerA complaint can be submitted in electronic form to or in writing to the address of the company.


Question How to take proper care of the frame and the canopy?
AnswerThe structure should be set up by at least 2 people.

The product must not be used in extreme conditions such as storms, strong winds, hail, etc.

The products should be set up on an even surface. They must not be located near trees or sloping roofs. Snow and ice can cause damage

Weights must be attached to pop-up tents in winds over 20km/h. When winds exceed 40 km/h, it is essential that the tent is folded down.

AB Vision products cannot remain unattended. A sudden weather change such as rain, storm or strong winds can damage products. You should also make sure that the water does not stay on the canopy during rainfall. The mass of water may cause damage.

In the case of pop-up tents, it is recommended to remove the roof canopy each time before the tent is folded down. Leaving the canopy on a folded frame can damage the fabric.

All dirt and water must be removed from the canopy before it is packed into the bag. Long storage of a dirty or humid canopy may cause discolouration and may affect its quality.